Advanced security program package for Windows

ProSecurity is a Windows based security package to ensure the availability of complete security settings on your PC. This software program is also known as a Host Intrusion Prevention program.

Even though a lot of users think a firewall and an anti-virus product is enough to protect a PC, in reality, they can be insufficient at times of unique attacks.

ProSecurity can ensure that your PC is also secure from various other types of security threats that can develop with accidental downloading of malicious programs or codes onto the PC.

This application features Process Guarding, Restrict from executing tools, Restrict from loading applications, Reading Memory, Writing Memory, a Terminating feature, an Injecting thread option, Process Accession Restrictions, Read Process Memory, Write Process Memory, Terminate Process, Inject Thread to Process, Read Physical Memory, Write Physical Memory, Install Service, Install Global Hook, Modify Protected Registry Key, Access Network, Modify Registry Guard, Registry Key Protection, Registry Value Protection, etc.